Triangle Honda 65 Wants to Buy Your Vehicle, Even if You Don’t Buy One From Us.

Do you want to sell your car to free yourself to upgrade to a new model? Triangle Honda 65 is here for you. Sell us your car without any obligation to buy from us in a very simple process, and you will have the freedom to look for new options in no time at all. And if you decide that you wish to buy your next vehicle with us, our finance team is more than willing to work with you and apply the value of your current vehicle toward your upgrade. Discover how to sell us your car today!

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Sell Your Used Car Near Puerto Rico

Ready to sell your used car near Puerto Rico? Follow these steps to easily navigate the process.

We want to take the hassle out of selling your current vehicle, so we make it easy as possible for you to part ways with your model.

  1. Bring Your Vehicle to Our Dealership: Contact us today! One of our associates will help you get the process started, as well as, answer any additional questions you may have. Please bring in your title or pay-off information, your driver’s license, and any keys, manual, etc.
  2. Our Experienced Team Will Appraise Your Vehicle: Enjoy our dealership’s amenities while you wait for one of our team members to get back with you to appraise your vehicle. You can feel free to speak with the appraiser about any additional information you may have or need.
  3. Receive Your Offer: Whether you decide to sell your vehicle on the spot, trade it in, or decide to spend time thinking it over we have you covered!


There is No Catch. We Want to Help You!

There are no obligations to sell your vehicle to us once an offer is made, as well as, our offers are not contingent upon you purchasing a vehicle from our dealership. Our appraisal is free! We just want to help you get behind the wheel of a vehicle near Loíza you want! Any number that you may see online is only an estimate, so come into the dealership to get an affirmed no-haggle price on the spot.

Why Sell Us Your Car?

If you want to sell your used car near Puerto Rico, why choose Triangle Honda 65? Not only do we provide you an experience without any obligations, but we also handle everything for you. From your car appraisal near Puerto Rico to the final offer, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you continue searching for where to sell your car, on the other hand, you may have to advertise your car, carry out showings, haggle, and more, all of which puts stress on you. That’s why relying on Triangle Honda 65 as the place to sell your car is the best option.

Come into Triangle Honda 65 Today!

Whether you are looking to sell your current vehicle, are looking for a second appraisal, or for a new Honda to get behind the wheel of, Triangle Honda 65 has you covered. You can come visit us near Trujillo Alto, or reach out to us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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