Brake pads

The brake pads apply pressure to the brake rotors (discs), creating friction to slow or stop the vehicle completely. The material of the brake pad wears out with use and pads must be replaced before the material has been worn completely.


Brake discs

The discs are compressed by the brake pads, causing friction which reduces the speed of the rotors, which slows or stops the vehicle. Brake discs also dissipate the heat produced during braking.

Brake calipers remanufactured

In disc brakes, the brake calipers hold the brake pads and mounted on the brake discs. Create the clamping force used to slow and stop the vehicle.

Brake shoes

On vehicles with rear drum brakes, the brake pads pressed against the drum to slow or stop the vehicle. With use, the lining of the brake wears. Shoes should be replaced before it disappears the friction material.

Brake drums

Shoes press against the inner surface of brake drums, causing friction which reduces the speed of the drums, which slows or stops the vehicle. Brake drums also dissipate the heat produced during braking.

Ignore the condition of the brake drum can cause performance problems of the system, such as reducing the ability to stop the car. Brake drums must be replaced if the internal diameter of the drum is greater than the service limit. The brake drum has irreparable conditions considered, including scratches, grooves, corrosion, cracks or contamination.

Caring for them will help ensure braking performance, reliability and optimum braking performance of your vehicle.

Brake lines and hoses

Lines and brake hoses transfer the brake fluid of the master cylinder to the brake calipers. Although steel pipes and hoses reinforced rubber can withstand a high pressure of the brake system, may be susceptible to corrosion and damage from road debris, which can lead to leakage.

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